Heading - AFIAS

As Uganda’s leading premier Non Governmental Organization and immigration consulting firm, we focus solely on the success of visa and company/NGO applications and related immigration services. Our management is proud to provide clients with wide experience and a distinguished success record regarding all immigration and NGO registration services as well as processing recommendation letters from the National Bureau for NGOs.

We understand that in the context of any person’s relocation to Uganda, the successful application for an appropriate residence visa or permit is critical. Securing this visa or permit is the main pre-requisite for the person’s personal and professional start in the country. It is with this in mind that we approach our work and deliver our services to you, resulting in the high levels of motivation, precision and personal and professional dedication we have become known for. Our team also ensures that in selecting a type of NGO to be registered or visa or permit, we make an application to the relevant government authority in line with the established laws and extra due care is implored to avoid any delays in the process. Throughout the entire process, we assure that there is certainty that an application must be followed diligently and comprehensively to avoid unnecessary delay.


We give assurance to our clients that relevant authorities are dealt with in the appropriate manner and that applicable legislation as well as relevant amendments to it, are thoroughly understood in order to ensure the final success of the application process.

Our immigration service’s range from application for student passes, special passes, work permits both business, expatriates and volunteer/NGO workers, certificate of residence, Citizenship, dual citizenship process as well as certificate of residence.

As a meeting point of the world, we don’t tolerate any corrupt practice at our institution.


  • Processing applications for student passes, special passes, work permits for both expatriates and volunteer/NGO workers.
  • Process citizenship applications as well as certificates of residence
  • Consultations in respect of the appropriate visa or permit type and respective requirements
  • Coordination of translation and certification of documents by third parties
  • Processing E-Visa and physical applications
  • Monitoring of immigration related application processes and fast tracking timely completion
  • Organize national and regional immigration conferences
  • Representation of clients before authorities before the authorities as far as legally permissible


The NGO support services from AFIAS start right away from registration, to setting up, to fundraising and capacity building. The NGO support services at AFIAS seek to realize a strong CSO sector that sustainably supports vulnerable communities to achieve development.

Our NGO support services include

  1. Registration support services of indigenous, international NGOs in Uganda. Mainly AFIAS handles all the registration processes with close liaison with the client to ensure that the process is handled expeditiously.
  2. Coordination and facilitating international volunteer placements to local NGOs
  3. Capacity building of NGOs in legal requirements, Governance, Organizational and financial management, Networking
  4. Assessment on donor funding readiness –Are you funding ready?

AFIAS carries out donor funding assessment evaluations to ascertain how ready subscribing organizations are to attract donors. This assessment covers several areas like financial capacity, project/program management, Governance aspects as well as compliance to the NGO laws and regulation

  1. Provide subscribing NGOs tailor made domestic and international funding opportunities in their area of work

AFIAS provides the subscribing NGOs with the most comprehensive and current information available on appropriate external funding opportunities to both deliver its services and to develop its business. In particular this information will concentrate on national and international government aid opportunities as well as local and regional support. In addition, wherever possible, we will inform the subscribing NGOs of private sponsorship opportunities.

In particular we will work with the subscribing NGOs to:

  • Identify the organization’s funding priorities over a 12 month period
  • Identify all appropriate funding opportunities to achieve the agreed objectives
  • Introduce to the subscribing NGOs key partners necessary for successful project submissions
  • Complete the development and submission of 2 funding proposalseach year on the subscribing NGOs’ behalf
  • Regularly inform the subscribing NGOs of new and appropriate funding opportunities


  • Provide investment information to all walk-in and online potential investors
  • Attract potential investors through profiling of investment opportunities
  • Arranging itinerary for Investors.
  • Linking both local and Foreign investors
  • Promote investment opportunities to the Ugandans in the Diaspora
  • Organize regional investment promotion conferences
  • Advising investors on free land acquisition on government industrial parks.
  • Investment licensing where we mainly focus on processing applications for an Investment license from Uganda Investment Authority