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Africa Immigration Advisory Services (AFIAS) is a leading sincere and premier provider of immigration and company/Non Governmental registration consultancy services. AFIAS was established by Naturinda Eliab and Topher Muhawe in 2014 with wise counsel from Mr. Ronald Rwakangi, Executive Director, Advance Afrika, a Ugandan local based Non Governmental Organization. AFIAS first registered as a business name and later changed to a company limited by shares in April 2017.

AFIAS specializes on visa applications, immigration services and Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) registration services for foreign, regional, international and indigenous NGOs. AFIAS is backed by managements experience and a distinguished success record regarding all visa application processes and company/NGO registration services.

Our Team
AFIAS is an independent private entity that works hand in hand with selected partners. Our team of immigration consultants is led by experienced lawyers specializing in immigration and Company/NGO consultancy. We strive to deliver fast and professional solutions to our clients needs. AFIAS is also affiliated to Phleb Associated Advocates which is composed of team legal experts; Mr. Karibwije Phillious, Mr. Gideon Atuheire, Mr. Cyprian Tumushabe, and Ms Nassuuna Grace Yvone. Ms Diana Wazemba is the overall administrator, Mr. Boaz Asiimwe as the Accountant and Ms. Jane Akwero as the Janitor.
AFIAS is headed by a Board of Directors led by Ms. Angie Grenade, Life Resident in Uganda and also Honorary Life Wildlife Officer, Uganda Wildlife Authority and Founder, Rhino Fund Uganda.

Our Services
As Uganda’s leading premier Non Governmental Organization and immigration consulting firm, we focus solely on the success of visa and company/NGO applications and related immigration services. Our management is proud to provide clients with wide experience and a distinguished success record regarding all immigration and NGO registration services as well as processing recommendation letters from the National Bureau for NGOs.

We understand that in the context of any person’s relocation to Uganda, the successful application for an appropriate residence visa or permit is critical. Securing this visa or permit is the main pre-requisite for the person’s personal and professional start in the country. It is with this in mind that we approach our work and deliver our services to you, resulting in the high levels of motivation, precision and personal and professional dedication we have become known for.
Our team also ensures that in selecting a type of NGO to be registered or visa or permit, we make an application to the relevant government authority in line with the established laws and extra due care is implored to avoid any delays in the process. Throughout the entire process, we assure that there is certainty that an application must be followed diligently and comprehensively to avoid unnecessary delay.

We give assurance to our clients that relevant authorities are dealt with in the appropriate manner and that applicable legislation as well as relevant amendments to it, are thoroughly understood in order to ensure the final success of the application process.

Our immigration service’s range from application for student passes, special passes, work permits both business, expatriates and volunteer/NGO workers, certificate of residence, Citizenship, dual citizenship process as well as certificate of residence.

As a meeting point of the world, we don’t tolerate any corrupt practice at our institution.

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Some of Our NGO Clients

No. Name of NGO Country of Origin
1 Rhino Fund Uganda South Africa
2 Westminster Foundation for  Democracy United Kingdom
3 Union Vision Mission China and South Korea
4 Association of the Last Frontiers UK and Romania
5 Light House Chapel International Ghana
6 Gospel Operation Africa China
7 Angels Haven-South Korea South Korea
8 Medecine De Mundo Spain/Italy
9 EWAKA Foundation Germany
10 Spouts Uganda UK and USA
11 Caritas Switzerland Switzerland
12 Advance Afrika Uganda

Some of our Company clients.

No. Company Name Country of Origin
1 Arrow Aquaculture Ltd. South Africa
2 Eldorado Co Ltd T/A Premier Sports Betting Serbia
3 Xclusive Cuttings Ltd United Kingdom
4 Mutoni Construction Co Ltd Uganda/South Africa
5 236 Events Company Ltd Uganda
6 Lake Albert Safaris Ltd South Africa
7 Grow Well Uganda Ltd India
8 D & D International Ltd South Africa
9 Giant Uganda Ltd China
10 Luqman Petroleum Uganda Ltd UK and Kenya
11 Obel Petroleum Ltd UK and Kenya
12 Keiga Dance Company Uganda