Simplified New Fees Structure as Per the Statutory Instrument No. 12, 2021

Africa Immigration Advisory Services (AFIAS) wishes to notify its esteemed Clients of the new immigration fees. As is our custom of issuing updates on Immigration matters in Uganda, we hereby draw your attention to and notify you of the recent amendments to the fees’ schedules for Visas, Immigration Permits and Passes in Uganda.

The new fees Regulations were recently brought into force by virtue of The Uganda Citizenship and Immigration Control (Fees) Regulations, 2021 Statutory Instrument No. 12 of 2021 under powers of the Minister of Internal Affairs in consultation with the National Citizenship and Immigration Control Board.

Some of the significant developments and changes in the Statutory Instrument No.12 of 2021 are;

  1. Waiver of work permit fees has been extended to;
  2. Nationals of Kenya and Rwanda and
  3. Refugees who are in gainful employment.
  1. Legal recognition of application for Review of a Pass, Work Permit, Certificate of Residence and Citizenship at a cost USD 200.
  1. Introduction of Replacement of a lost Entry permit or Certificate of residence and Pass at USD 300.
  1. Issuance of a Certificate of Residence for 15 years at a cost of USD 3500.
  1. Reduction of illegal stay fees from USD 100 per day to USD 20 per day.


  1. Introduction of Intern or Research Pass at USD 700 per year.


  1. Re-introduction of Class H Work permits for Ordinary residents such as Pensioners at a cost of USD1500. The Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control (DCIC) shall provide application requirements, guidelines on who qualifies for such facility.
  1. Introduction of Class G3 Work Permit for foreign nationals with rare skills and to be employed in the agro-processing, mining of selected minerals (gold, copper, iron ore, silca, phosphate, limestone, marble) and manufacturing.
  1. Introduction of Visa on arrival transaction charge at USD 5.
  1. Increment of Special Pass fees for both sponsored and individual applicants from USD 100 for three months to USD 400 for three months and USD 300 for renewal for two months.
  1. Increment of Dependent Pass fees for spouses, children and other dependents (relatives) pass applicants to USD 350, USD 200 and USD 1000 respectively. For more information, kindly see below a table of the new fees’ structure.


1.      Certificate of residence
a)      5 years USD 4000
b)      10 years USD 3500
c)      15 years USD 3500
d)      For life USD 3000
e)      Due to marriage to a Ugandan USD 2000
f)       Former Ugandan (For life) USD 200
g)      Processing fee (nonrefundable) for certificate of residence (not applicable to former Ugandans) USD 200
2.      Passes
a)      Student pass USD 100
b)      Special Pass (3 months) USD 400
c)      Special pass extension (2 months) USD 300
d)      Intern or research pass USD 700
e)      Dependent pass: spouse USD 350
f)       Dependent pass: child USD 200
g)      Dependent pass: other USD 1000
3.      Citizenship
a)      Citizenship application processing fee (not applicable to former Ugandans and citizenship by naturalization) USD 200
b)      Citizenship by registration–
       i.        Long or lawful stay USD 5000
      ii.        Citizenship by marriage USD 3000
    iii.        Spouses to registered citizens. USD 5000
c)      Citizenship by naturalization Shs 100,000/=
d)      Dual citizenship–
  i.             Dual citizenship by Ugandans in diaspora USD 200
  ii.            Dual citizenship-non Ugandan USD 5000
e)      Ugandan registering an adopted foreign child USD 500
f)       Replacement of citizenship certificate by—
  i.             Naturalization USD 30
  ii.            Registration USD 500
  iii.          Dual – non Ugandan USD 500
  iv.           Dual – Former Ugandan USD 50
3. Other fees
a)      Appeal  fee USD 500
b)      Illegal stay (per day) USD 20
c)      Certification fee (per copy) Shs. 50,000
d)      Replacement of entry permit or certificate of residence and pass USD 300
e)      Review of pass, work permit, certificate of residence and citizenship application USD 200
f)       Airlines or carriers fines for inadmissible passengers USD 3000
g)      Certificate of identity Shs. 40,000
h)      Temporary movement permit Shs. 10,000
a)      Non-refundable prepayment fee on application for a work permit for Classes B1, C1, D, F, G2 and H USD 1500
b)      Class A2 Government contracts (foreign expatriate employees on Government contracts) USD 500
c)      Class B1 (Agriculture) USD 2500
d)      Class B2 (Agro processing) USD 400
e)      Class C1 (mining of other minerals) USD 2500
f)       Class C2 (mining of gold, copper, iron ore, silca, phosphate, limestone and marble) USD 400
g)      Class D (Business and trade) USD 2500
h)      Class E (investors in manufacturing sector) USD 400
i)       Class F (professionals) USD 3000
j)       Class G1 (Missionaries and Volunteers in NGOs) USD 250
k)      Class G2 (expatriate employment) including salaried foreign employees in NGOs. USD 2500
l)       Class G3 (Rare skilled foreign nationals employed in agro processing, minerals (gold, copper, iron ore, silica, phosphate, limestone, marble) and manufacturing. USD 400
m)    Class H 9ordinary Resident) USD 1500
n)      Six month Work Permit Half of the prescribed fee in respect of every class, except permits of USD 400 and G1 (missionaries and volunteers in NGOs) who will still pay USD 400 and USD 250 respectively
4.      Tanzania
  Citizens of the United Republic of Tanzania, irrespective of class of Entry Permit USD 1550

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