AFIAS Magazine | July – October 2019

Eliab-Naturinda-AFIASOn behalf of the management team, I am honoured to introduce to you our 1st edition of the AFIAS Magazine, with particular focus on areas regarding registration and acquisition of operational permits for Non-Governmental Organizations, obtaining a Class G1 work permit and acquisition of Citizenship in Uganda.

Every year, Uganda welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists, investors, missionaries and well-wishers who are attracted by the beauty of Uganda. This is attributed to Uganda’s flexible immigration laws, regulations and stable security in Uganda/East Africa. Immigrants are guided by different laws, regulations and policies that guide their legal stay in Uganda. It is upon the passion to pursue the need of helping aliens/nationals to legally stay in Uganda that inspired us to start Africa Immigration Advisory Services (AFIAS). Special recognition to comrades, Mr. Rwankangi Ronald (founder, Advance Afrika) and Ass. Prof. Christopher Muhawe at the University of Illinios.

We at AFIAS are here to help you. AFIAS is Uganda’s leading immigration, investment and NGO consultancy firm, focusing on Visa applications, company registration, NGO consultancy, investment, among others. We take extreme care while analyzing our clients’ needs, identifying relevant options, discussing in absolute transparency our recommendations for clients’ immigration journey and simplifying the application process. We understand that in the context of any person’s relocation to Uganda and East Africa, a successful application for an appropriate residence visa or permit is critical. We are more transparent to our clients and government offices while securing a visa or permit for any foreigner’s legal settlement in East Africa. We believe in a secure East Africa that accommodates all.

We approach our work and deliver our services to you with a personal and professional dedication. Our team has been in the game for quite a long time now, and we can comfortably and confidently state that your needs become our personal responsibility.

Once you get in touch with us we take the work load off from you. We provide you with a document check-list, give you the turnaround time and cost, co-ordinate with our local partners to have the required documents organized and keep you informed through the entire process.

Throughout the entire process, we ensure that an application is followed diligently to avoid unnecessary delays. We ensure that legally mandated authorities are approached in an appropriate manner and that applicable legislation as well as relevant amendments to it, is thoroughly understood in order to ensure the final success of the application process.

We boast of a network of distinguished clientele across the globe. Trust us to make your immigration and NGO registration journey smooth and simple. AFIAS is affiliated to PHLEB Associated Advocates.

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